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Choose from hundreds of colours in stock and readily available from my suppliers. I can custom mix any colour to match your favourite guitar or car paint job.

See RAL chart and BS chart for inspiration and codes. Metallic paints are widely available. 


Consider fabrics for a luxurious interior lining. So much variety is out there from solid coloured velvets to floral prints to faux leather and Tolex. 


With a wealth of prints and patterns worldwide, together we can tailor to suit. 


Choose from a great range of quality wood veneers to give a classic to rustic aesthetic to your case. Available species of wood include:

  • Oak
  • Ash       
  • Cherry
  • Ebony
  • Indian Rosewood
  • Mahogany
  • Koa
  • Lime
  • Purple Heart

  • Elm

  • Cedro

  • Sapele

  • Teak

  • Jatoba

  • Ovangkol

  • Cedar

  • Lacewood

  • Swiss Pear

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