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I am committed to exploring bold and unique aesthetics in guitar building and display, with quality and sustainability a cornerstone. 


I am Kay John Newport - guitar enthusiast and woodworker.

Offering a product of real value to the market always has, and always will be, the driving force behind what I do.

The idea for the Infinity Case came to me in a split second, but it was five years in the making.


 Growing up with music and art led me to assemble and illustrate my own electric guitars at the age of twenty-one. After attending a builder's course, followed by hours of video tutorials, I started building my own. But I soon realised that these instruments called out for a way of being displayed that was as bold as they were. Summoning the idea behind the Infinity Case.

Growing up in the beautiful Forest of Dean cultivated a deep love and respect for trees and the natural world. I feel it's important to preach the necessity of woodland preservation, as well as practicing sustainability within woodcraft. Selecting timber responsibly and giving profits towards forestry organisations is how I do my bit.

2% of all sales will directly fund planting trees.

Based in the Forest of Dean and Cheltenham Town, England.

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